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The Construction of the Heavens

Make some use of this.
In this grand chemical, under the shape of dark
trace the operations

of the shining fluid added by the sun upon
bodies to which I have
joined to be divided into two.

(Draw upon myself without
attempting to draw to be perceived)

Form what has been said
from analogy for the illumination
which remains in this paper
of light and luminous vapours,
of these appearances I carefully

build worlds of our own
as far as we can (as far from us)

Above the rough surface as
the square upon
the ground the birds form
the unevenness arising
out of a thousand situations -

In possession of a list
no more than what is sufficiently evident
as the minute parts

as I can think
of explaining it by mountains, by admitting large mountains
as I have found.

Add the place. Make it almost improbable.
Place now and then.
Place I can only give on I need not fear.

Form, confining around
him, the whole universe
as vivid the diameters - to discover

the places where, near
the margin, we form
an opening to the naked about.

Extend equally to them all as one
full grown plant of a crookedly branching
nebula that would point about
a center or about
all the spots

make them mere useless
brilliant for the dark ground
about the dark part
against the moon’s being

as its satellite we pass

As I decompose in the suit drawn pretty of stars
given to it I see
by some agitation or other in a row a beautiful

as difficultly resolvable
above construction