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Nimbus (E)

Retell legends, ebb the embers.
Ye, edgeless Essence,
beget the depthless present tense.

Excerpted newsreel feeds: Eve errs,
etc… Serpent repents.
The expected sentence reversed.

Hellbent, resplendent, we veer between
extremes–never rested,
we seek new selves. Keened.

There there, levees: strewn perplexed
where shelter seeps.
Where tempest extends, recedes, recedes.

Elements render them defenseless: speech
freezes, nerves tremble,
vessels wreck. Flesh bleeds elements.

Speech fetters. Verse tethers. Yet
we seek Thee
trenched there, seeded between letters.

Ye rest, pretend, engender spheres,
bejewel deserts, beget
the breeze-sketched trees. Preserve them.

We beseech Thee, Nether-Nested:
dwell deep here
delve green between the temples

Be present. Be here. Be
dented where we
met. Be felt there yet.